Sunday, December 7, 2008

Booze Busters In Cage

By Noah Essenmacher

Students competed for prizes in a game show contest that tested their knowledge of alcohol-related issues.

Student Association (SA) sponsored the “Booze Busters” game as part of the relaxation activities occurring before exam week. 

Peer health educators from the Office of Health Education were responsible for the content and presentation of the game held in the Cardinal Cage on Wednesday night. 

“Booze Busters” consisted of 50 fact-based questions that four peer health educators compiled through their own secondary research. 

Seven students, down from about 30 who participated last year, competed for three gift cards for the amount of $25 each.

History junior Isaac Hudson won first place, Gary Hardin second and nursing sophomore Katie Jones came in third.

Hudson attended the event with the hope of winning a gift card and enjoyed. He says he never knew there were four shots in a Long Island. 

Nursing senior Kyle McDaniel said the purpose of the event was “to promote alcohol awareness through safety and responsibility.” 

McDaniel, a peer health educator, said alcohol is not a serious problem on the SVSU campus, but he acknowledges the importance of being aware of the dangers and responsibilities related to alcohol consumption. 

SA representative James Wright said alcohol awareness can “help students to make better decisions.” 

Games like the Alcohol Awareness Game Show, says Wright, give students important facts they need to make informed decisions regarding alcohol through a fun and engaging activity. 

Wright said he was looking forward to students sharing their knowledge and winning prizes.

Education junior Jill Beemer said, “It’s fun to come up with ideas that will benefit [students] and educate them. It takes quite a bit of work.” 

Beemer estimates that she and her fellow peer health educators spent approximately twenty hours preparing game.

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